Ultimate Guide for Mowing Bermuda

In this guide we will detail critical characteristics of Bermuda grass and how to properly mow your bermuda grass througought the growing season.   Bermuda ata Glance Classification: Warm-season grassSpreads by: Stolons and rhizomesShade tolerance: Poor — needs full sunDrought resistance: High Foot traffic tolerance: HighMaintenance needs...

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What is scalping and Why is it Important?

Lawn scalping strikes fear into the hearts of many tall-grass-loving homeowners. But there are times when scalping will promote the health of your lawn. Before you set your mower at its lowest setting, learn more about what scalping is and when it can encourage healthy growth in your lawn.  What is scalping a lawn?  To scalp a lawn i...

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Yikes !! Termite Customers Beware  Subscribe to our blog to stay informed! | (256) 715-2031 Enter your text here ...

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What's Coming Up...Round 1

Here is your Round 1 News  Subscribe to our blog to stay informed! | (256) 715-2031

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What's Coming Up...Round 2

Here is your Round 2 News  Subscribe to our blog to stay informed! | (256) 715-2031

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What's Coming Up...Round 3

Here is your Round 3 News  Subscribe to our blog to stay informed! (256) 715-2031

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Why is Pre-Emergent so IMPORTANT in January?

There can be many reasons for a weedy lawn:Weeds are common in unhealthy soil, Thin turf is an invitation for weeds to fill in the voids, Weeds thrive in compacted soils, Drought-stressed lawns are a favorite target for weeds, …and the list goes on and on and on…. BUT, ONE OF THE MOST COMMON REASONS FOR HIGHER WEED PRESENCE IS F...

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Fairway Acquires TDI Services

Fairway acquires TDI Services

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Identify Drought Stress


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Mulch Mulch Mulch


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