Turf Worx offers, not one, but TWO types of lawn aeration solutions to best the fit the needs of any turfscape.

What is Aeration?

Aeration involves lossening the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate and circulate more freely to the grass roots.

These are the 2 types:

Core Aeration- This method consists of making thousands of small holes in the turf. Soil microbes, like all living things, need air, food and water in order to function. These holes allow fertilizer, water and air to reach the root zone quicker, resulting in new growth and increased root development. Opening up the soil helps reduce thatch build up and soil compaction allowing your lawn to breathe which reduces disease and insect pests.

Liquid Aeration- This method consists of a liquid treatment that is applied to the entire lawn. It utilizes a special polymer formulation that promotes the soil particles to repel each other resulting in less compacted, more aerified soil which allows more water and nutrients to move deeper in the soil and be taken up by the grass roots.

Both types of Aeration are effective and All grass types benefit and thrive from this critical service. Annual or even Semi-Annual aeration is strongly advised for all lawns.

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